The Vreski Warding System

part of the Kalieda world, as shown in the novel The Gods in the Jungle

When a deadly plague disrupts Delesse's wedding plans, she has to fight to save her city, punish her enemies and marry the man she loves.

Set on a planet far from Earth, The Gods in the Jungle is an investigation of the drives and desires, fears and beliefs of the various peoples and classes of a crumbling society, through the eyes of those immediately involved in events which threaten to bring an Empire to its knees.

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Are there times when you feel the world has fallen out of your control?

Do you find yourself bickering with friends over the most trivial of things?

Do the petty frustrations at work sometimes send you into a rage, when on other days you could shrug off those same frustrations with a smile and a joke?

The problem may not be you. Bad vibes and blue funks float through the world all the time. But there may be something you can do to protect yourself. A well-built Vreski ward may well be enough to help you dodge the worst dangers.

The common folk of the Vreski Empire know all these malignant motes. They know how to predict their most vulnerable days, and how to build themselves wards to protect themselves from the chaos the world around them could cause.

Complete and submit this form to discover your ward for today, your daily luck level and the name of the sprite that may be hunting you down.


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