Type One lifeforms - taxonomy

The taxonomic classification of Type One life into three 'kingdoms' - false plants, false animals and the microverse - is an ancient classification system, as shown by the languages of Societies across Kalieda; it is only in the past 200 or so orbits that sufficient progress has been made to allow modern scientists to investigate the biochemistry of Type One life, and thus bring to light the biochemical basis for the six kingdom taxonomy described below.

The key problem for the old taxonomy was its use of size, and also the motility of the dominant generation of each species, to determine which 'kingdom' the species should be assigned to; according to the old taxonomy false animals moved, false plants grew, and the microverse could not be seen by the naked eye. Yet even a cursory study of Type One organisms will quickly demonstrate the difficulty of deciding which kingdom a species should be assigned to, even before any subclassification could be attempted.

The following taxonomy represents our latest understanding of the six kingdoms of Type One lifeforms. As can be seen, the old taxonomy kingdoms are now shown as domains, each with two kingdoms; a species' domain is determined by its chromosomal structure and by its ribosomes - which differ markedly between each domain. Kingdoms are differentiated by the complexity and form of cellular structures, and in particular the structures and biochemistries of mitochondrial and chloroplast bodies within the cell; we now know that these are ancient traits arising from the earliest ages of life on the planet.

Nevertheless there remain differences between a scientist's understanding of the taxonomy and that of most other people. What most people refer to as microverse is in fact divided into three separate kingdoms, one of which (the germulas) now falls within the false plant domain. Similarly most people will still consider many chimeric species to be false plants - and to be fair to them the convergent evolution of black leaf false plant species (such as bread weed) and sessilid chimeric species (for instance the tambel bush) is very strong.

Microverse Domain

Brothic Kingdom

Microfilm Kingdom

Black slimes Class

Green slimes Class

Red slimes Class

White slimes Class

False plants Domain

Germula Kingdom

Vegetive Kingdom

Scumid Phylum

Redleaf plants Phylum

Blackleaf plants Phylum

False animals Domain

Vermic Kingdom

Spongiform Phylum

Vermiform Phylum

Segmentiform Phylum

Armouriform Phylum

Chimeric Kingdom

Sessilid Phylum

Skeletonial Phylum

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