The continent of Falah

The lost continent of Falah

The continent of Falah is not "lost" in the sense that people do not know where it is. It is "lost" in the sense that it no longer appears to have a surviving population. Between 1,000 and 500 orbits ago, the great Falah civilisations were decimated, then destroyed by successive waves of war and pan-continental plagues. During this time, two Societies managed to establish satellite colonies on the continent of Ewlah: following the Disaster, only those two satellite colonies (the Telik colony of the Nakap communities, and the subject colonies of the Vreski Empire) remained to attest to what was once the glory of Kalieda. Nothing else survived.

Physically, Falah is the largest continental landmass on the planet Kalieda. It stretches from within the Antarctic circle (at 73°S) into the northern hemisphere, filling almost a quarter of the southern hemisphere. The planet's Datum line (0°E/W), as used by both the Grand Treaty and the Vreski Imperial longitudinal systems employed by this website, was set by reference to the southernmost point on the continent.

Gently mountainous, with many island chains around its coasts, the most distinctive features on Falah were the vast, shallow epicontinental seas that flooded into the centre of the continent. These great seas, which once teemed with life, are no more: with the onset of the Disaster the waters receded and dried up, leaving behind a salt desert unfit for habitation. It is this final calamity that scientists believe cleansed the continent of its human population, changing the environment to such an extent that most cultivations became untenable. The last populations are thought to have died out more than three centuries ago, and few venture to the shores of this great continent any more, for fear of the plagues and the dust.

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